just a quick questionabout glut and ogl

hello people,I am a C++ programmer with a small knowlegde of SDL I want to learn OpenGL .My friend told me that you can program applications with OpenGL and glut and they will be as good if not better than SDL with OpenGL.

is this true?if so then where can I get glut I already have OpenGL it comes with my Dev-C++, or thats what I am told.

thanks in advance!

glut lacks some features of SDL, like timer support, but you can of course directly use operating system functions for that.

I personally think glut is not very good for writing large applications or games, but it is great for quickly starting with OpenGL and for writing small demos.

I would advise you to start with glut, because it is really easy to use and you can concentrate on learning OpenGL, and when you reach its limits you can still learn SDL or some platform specific windowing API.