Jumping lines during rotation

Unfortuantely, it is not that easy.

We import an autocad file where for example the origin is Rome and contains the map of London. Then we take the London map extents and put the camera centered over it.

The map can have million of vertices, processing every time each one would be too slow.

On the other hands other CAD systems render this model correctly so a solution must exist.



Well this isn’t an OpenGL question anymore. Sounds like you need to establish for certain what the problem is. If it is as I described (which it almost certainly is), you can solve it as I mentioned. How you group loaded CAD objects using a spatial acceleration data structure of some sort and map that to OpenGL is an application detail.

You are right, we need to find a precise and fast way to move the moon to the center of the solar system without using glTranslated() and would be for sure more slow.

Thanks so much again for your help. I will print this post a read it again and again to find a solution.