Jump from dx10 to opengl

First of all, hi to everyone :slight_smile:

To begin with, I used to be a Direct3D programmer and now I decided to change to OpenGl but I have some probelms starting with it,so can anyone help me answer these questions?
1)In direct3D I always downloaded the latest sdk, how can I set up OpenGl 3x under windows (vista) since there is no sdk to download( searched google for it but I getted confused… )
2)As far as I understood -unless I’m wrong- Microsoft wants to “cripple” opengl under windows so setting up OpenGl under linux would be more easy or not???
//Note: I’m a game programmer and I want to make a game engine based on OpenGl therefore its crucial that I set up openGl soon…

                       ~Thanks in advance, happy coding
  1. http://opengl.org/wiki/Getting_started
  2. in my experience it is more or less similar to set up OpenGL context on Windows, MacOSX or Linux.

dont know about D3D10 but D3D9 window and param setup is much easier then OpenGL. f.e. multisamples are passed to a well defined struct in D3D9 before initing the device where in OpenGL you need to create a dummy window, query a special function, destroy dummy window and create another window with that function.
you can use of course the older PDF functions.

Ok, thanks for the anwsers,
Still I got one more question to ask and that is:
When I was searching google I read somewhere that windows have allready included an openGl library(OpenGL32.dll) but is not updated since 1995;
So is there any way to update this to the current opengl version??

Thanks again in advance :slight_smile:

about old gl dll : http://opengl.org/wiki/Getting_started#OpenGL_2.0.2B_and_extensions