jpeg import

Does anyone know of a simple way to import jpegs to a opengl texture? Must work on Mac and unix. Cheers.

look for OpenIL (image libary). I thinck It is at or something like that. It can import and export jpegs.

Well, openil does not work on a mac. Its only for windows and linux. Just looking for a simple jpeg import solution. Hopefully, one header and one c file written in standard c. I can find stuff for rgb files that work…but the modeling program I’m using generates jpegs. So, I’m in a bind. Decoding a jpeg looks pretty involved.

Well I suppose the Independent JPEG Group has something usable on Macs. Do a search for IJG and mac and see what turns up.

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Thanks for the tip. I think I found a mac port. It builds fine. ooh tiff,png also. Thanks…