Jedi Knight II Problems

Howdy yall, I have an S3 ViRGE/DX PCI video card, and me mate Dave sorted me out for a bit of Jedi Knight action, but I’m confused whether the game will run or not on a windows 95 OS? Also I’m trying to get into a bit of Alien Vs Predator 2 and some Serious Sam action. Is me card too old and crappy or is Win95 capable of running these games? Help a newbie out someone!!!

i have thesame problem with openGL in Jedi Knight2 .When im traing to play my computer is brokeing down.HELP

Probably they would run it on win95, but yo should check the games’s web site for minimum requirements.

You definitly need to upgrade your video card since the S3 Virge is crap.

I use to have a P200MMX with that card. Hardware mode was slower than software mode for DX games and there is no hardware support for opengl.

Seriously, you need some speed to play these games. Get a Radeon or Geforce type card.


Cheers for your help, I guess I’ll have to clear out the moths from my wallet and purchase some hardware eh!