Java + OpenGL

Hi to everyone. I’m starting to learn Java for my work. Googling about Java + OpenGL I saw that I need some bindings for the language. Is there an official binding I can get or something? If not, have you heard of anything else? Right now, I’m pretty fluent on OpenGL + C, but have no clue how I go about it in Java.
Thanks :wink:

Sorry for the hassle.
Got it!

There are many listed on that page. Which one are you going to choose?

I’m going for jogl. My problem is even though I downloaded and install the jar and the app builds I can’t run it because of some security problems with rmid if I remember correctly. If someone can help…
But I don’t need it fast, I’ll look more into it at a later stage if I get the time.

JOGL and LWJGL are the two main OpenGL bindings that are current.

JOGL is Sun developed and LWJGL is community developed. Personally, I favor LWJGL more than JOGL, but I support both in my development activities.

The other bindings listed on the Java/OpenGL page are defunct. Java3D is a scenegraph.

Check out the Java Gaming community for the JOGL forum: and click on “discussion forums” on the left. Ask your questions there and you will receive plenty of assistance.