Java and OpenGL

Okay, this may not be the right place to post this, but I am at my wits end…how the heck do you get GL4Java to work. I am writing a screensaver for work am have to port the code over to Java. Before you say “Don’t use java” you should know that I HAVE to do it in Java. Anyways, does anyone have a suggestion on how I might do this. I have tried and tried to get the GL4Java libraries to work, but I always get the error message “cannot find such and such.class”. I have edited my PATH and followed all the instructions on the website. Please help! Thanks in advance.


I had similar problems getting the Magician bindings to work. I jar’ed up all the Magician classes and placed them in the lib/ext directory of the jvm. If you place jars in this directory it allows any java program to use them without getting permission via a certificate so watch what you put there.


I also had some of the same problems, and found that the gl4java installation did not properly extract all the classes. What I did was i unpacked the three jar archives and placed them under the lib/ext dir and it worked out fine. Especially the png package had some problems on my machine.


Thanks for the input. I’ll try out those suggestions and let you know.