IWOCL 2018 - Int'l Workshop on OpenCL | May 14-16 - Oxford, UK


The full program for the 6th International Workshop on OpenCL is now available online and early bird registration is open until the 15th April, saving 20% on the standard pricing.

IWOCL is supported by Khronos and is the premier event for OpenCL, SYCL and SPIR developers to extend their knowledge, receive advanced training and share their experience with other community members, including experts from the Khronos API working groups.

IWOCL 2018 takes place at St Catherine’s College, Oxford (UK) between the May 14-16, 2018. For additional information please visit: https://www.iwocl.org

Sessions for IWOCL 2018 include:

[li]Advanced Hands-On-OpenCL - Full-day Tutorial by Simon McIntosh-Smith
[/li][li]Writing OpenCL for FPGAs - Half-day Tutorial by Intel
[/li][li]DHPCC++ 2018 - Full-day Distributed & Heterogeneous Programming for C/C++ Conference
[/li][li]Exposing OpenCL to Artists, invited talk by SideFX
[/li][li]OpenCL and Its Eco-System – State of the Nation Address by Neil Trevett
[/li][li]DCompute: Compiling D to SPIR-V for Seamless Integration with OpenCL
[/li][li]TensorFlow Acceleration on Arm Hikey Board
[/li][li]Nuclear Reactor Simulation on OpenCL FPGA : a Case Study of RSBench
[/li][li]MatCL – A New Easy-to-Use OpenCL Toolbox for MathWorks Matlab
[/li][li]Advantages and Pitfalls of OpenCL in Computational Physics
[/li][li]OpenCL Optimization and Best Practices for Qualcomm Adreno GPUs
[/li][li]What’s New in SYCL 1.2.1 and How to Explore the Features
[/li][li]CLBlast: A Tuned OpenCL BLAS Library
[/li][li]Building a Brain with SYCL and Modern C++
[/li][li]Debugging and Analyzing Programs Using the Intercept Layer for OpenCL Applications
[/li][li]Enabling Profiling for SYCL Applications
[/li][li]clARMOR: A Dynamic Buffer Overflow Detector for OpenCL Kernels
[/li][li]Performance-oriented Optimizations for OpenCL Streaming Kernels on the FPGA
[/li][li]KOCL: Kernel-level Power Estimation for Arbitrary FPGA-SoC-Accelerated OpenCL Applications
[/li][li]Improving Performance of OpenCL Workloads on Intel Processors with Profiling Tools
[/li][li]High Performance Asynchronous Host-Device Communication Through the Intel FPGA Host Pipe Extension to OpenCL
[/li][li]OpenCL and C++ – The Way Ahead
[/li][li]Khronos Panel Discussion
[/li][li]A number of posters, details to be announced shortly