I am new to OpenGL. I am on task of bring out a WaterFallDisplay.
My working environment is C++ && wxWidgets && OpenGl. Windows - XP is my Operating System. IDE is Visual Studio
Can any one give me suggestions and if any examples can post to my maid id.

Its very Urgent…

OpenGL is a rendering API, explain what you want to render.

You have suggested elsewhere that you want to update a waterfall display, and this seems to be some kind of display device.

Describe IN DETAIL what you want to render, what effect you are looking to draw in OpenGL, and you will have a much better chance of obtaining a useful reply here.

If you post more vague non specific information you will only experience additional delays.

Detail Description of my kind of work.
Operating System: Windows-XP. Language: C++. IDE=Visual Studio-2005(VC++), Using both wxWidgets 2.8.9 and OpenGl.
Data Recvied: Data is received from network at the rate of 1ms.
Display : I have to display the data in WaterFall Display Model.
WaterFall Display: If (0,0) is taken as on top left corner of the screen, First data will be displayed on the 0 row.
When Second data comes, it should be displayed on the Zero row and the previous data should be displayed in the 1st row. In this way, as the data comes I have display it on the top and the previous ones should be slided down.
So, This data should be shown in a scrollable manner and upto 3000 inputs and then scrolling down.
Till now i Have developed a screen by using wxFrame(1280x1024). On that a wxPanel(1000x700) is taken and thena wxGLCanvas(1000,700). and But from here i am not able to proceed.
Need of great help

I would echo dorbie’s suggestion that you be more specific and I repeat my recent request for additional background.

I for one am intrigued, truly.

What kind of addtional background u need. if you specify i will give u more info

Thank u