It looks like modern Galaxy S2 does not support opengl es 2

It looks like modern Galaxy S2 does not support opengl es 2
Mali gpu compiler does not compile vertex shaders with texture lookup functions
it gives next error - Function ‘texture2D’ not supported on target.

But opengl es 2.0 specification says that - Texture lookup functions are available to both vertex and fragment shaders.

I’ve post the same topic at … ification/

It support specification, i’ve got an answer from arm mali

The specification says that some number of texture units are available
to vertex shaders. There is a query to get the number of vertex shader
texture units which may be used.

From the spec, v2.0.25, pp40;

“Vertex shaders have the ability to do a lookup into a texture map, if
supported by
the GL implementation. The maximum number of texture image units
available to
a vertex shader is MAX_VERTEX_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS; a maximum number of
zero indicates that the GL implemenation [sic] does not support texture
accesses in vertex
shaders. The maximum number of texture image units available to the
stage of the GL is MAX_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS. Both the vertex shader and
processing combined cannot use more than MAX_COMBINED_TEXTURE_-
IMAGE_UNITS texture image units.”

If you query MAX_VERTEX_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS, you will see that Mali
targets return zero indicating texture units are not available for
vertex shader programs.

At a hardware level, this is because the vertex programs are run on a
different part of the GPU core from the fragment shaders. The fragment
shaders have access to 2D texture fetch units, but the vertex shader
does not. This design compromise is common within non-unified GPU cores
designed for high performance/low power consumption, including Mali 400
series and also others available in the marketplace (and indeed also on
previous generations of desktop OpenGL cards), and GLES hence allows
texture units to only optionally be available to vertex shaders
indicated by this query.

If you could explain a little more about what you’re trying to achieve,
we may be able to assist you by suggesting an alternate method.

Many thanks,
ARM MPD Developer Relations

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