Issue when running egl on different fb device

Hi all,

We have a sample application using egl but running on a different framebuffer device(/dev/fb1), When launching the application, getting the following errors:-

screen 800x480
mem ae000000 len 2000000
bpp 32
FlashLite Profile: linux.hcf
eglChooseConfig failed, rc=0x3000, nConfigs=0
…<== FinalizeHW
…<== ClientObject::DestroyHWFrameBuffer
…<== ClientObject::FinalizeHW: eglTerminate
Failed to initialize HW
URLRequest /root/hmi-phone/hmi-startup.swf
Local trusted dir is set to /
0 ERR - Failed to load content
FileStatus file:///root/hmi-phone/hmi-startup.swf: No such device or address
Player version 10,1,124,4
Touchscreen open: /dev/input/event0
Touchscreen opened
Touchscreen configured

Please advice, do we need to specify different EGL_LEVEL for framebuffer (/dev/fb1)


Without knowing anything about the environment, I’d suggest just doing a query on the number of egl configs to see if any are actually available. If it returns some number of configs, you can then query each config’s attributes to get some idea of what’s supported by the EGL implementation. If no configs are present, then there might be some configuration issue.