Is XSI easy to develop plugin for game

I dont know I should use it to develop my plugin for game.Is any advantaged than other
in easy to develop sdk or have many documents

Haha… I used/developed for XSI for 2 years and I SURE you… the XSI has the worst SDK??? ever!!! Think in this: try to find a page with XSI plugins… bad luck… no one… and now, try to find a Maya or 3DSMAX plugins page… you´ll find tons of them…

I’d say it’s ideal for games. The dotXSI file format is good for exporting to your game’s format, and is very well documented.

Mmmm nice, an ASCII format, not much space and fast to read! ( sarcastic )

ASCII formats though taking more space need not be slow to load. My .obj loader easily loads 30MB ASCII .obj files in a second or two.

ASCII works well in configuration management systems. At some point, you compile the ASCII text into binary data which actually gets shipped, possibly as part of a “baked level”, just like ASCII C++ source gets compiled into binary object code (and then linked into an executable).

I haven’t used XSI so I can’t say anything about that, but ASCII for intermediate data is not such a bad idea.

Originally posted by santyhammer:
Mmmm nice, an ASCII format, not much space and fast to read! ( sarcastic )

Maybe you should read specs before commenting.
The dotXSI format is well documented, has a low and high level interface in the free toolkit, supports many popular apps, and is Binary or ASCII; your choice.

As for Max having plenty of PlugIns, it doesn’t mean it’s a good software, just that it’s popular… because it’s easily crackable for example…