Is Visual C++ 6 enough to develop graphics in Opengl?

Hi All !!
I would like to setup my system that I would be able to compile and run OpenGl programs. I work on Visual C++ 6 and I know That I need some other libraries to develop programs in OpenGl. Please tell me what they are and where I can download them from?
Thank You Very Much!!

VC++6 comes with almost everything you need to do this. You’ll want some demos and such, but there are plenty to be found. All you have to do to use OpenGL is…

#include “GL/gl.h”
#include “GL/glu.h”

and whatever they are :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not sure anymore cuz I’ve been coding MODs for D3 and using VB6 for what little OpenGL that I do code.

VC6 is complete in its ability. The OpenGL hardware you use is also an issue: 1.1 or 1.2 compliant?

Finally, download the GLUT and GLUI packages to “test” code before constructing full blown applications

goto my site at the bottom under resources there a few links to some libraries none of them u actually need to use opengl but they do simplify things. also theres a few example s on my site with the vc6 build file so all u need to do is download them and click on *.dsw and the program should compile. (most require glut)