Is this the only active GLSL forum on the net?

I like this forum a lot, there are a lot of helpful people, but I am confused about why I cannot find any other forums for GLSL and OpenGL in general. Is GLSL a really niche thing and I do not realize it? I’ve seen devmaster’s forum, but they seem less active do not have a GLSL specific section… :frowning:

Apart from’s opengl subforum, there’s nVidia’s developer-forum for Cg (,
sometimes on ,
sometimes on Ogre’s forums.
It’s really priceless to know a bit of HLSL and Cg, as it triples the available content.

Man, Nvidia’s CG forums look pretty quiet. O well, there are some nice CG tutorials out there, but cg looks a lot less elegant and simple to integrate with the application code than GLSL, does anyone agree or am I way off?

Anyways, at the rate I am going with cubemapping and GLSL, I might have to learn CG too and try my luck with that language. Hopefully someone can save me in my other thread for cubemapping :smiley: