Is this a NVIDIA only board ?

I wonder if nvidia bought this messageboard.
There are almost no posts about other high perf cards (RadeON ?). Only that NV stuff.
Boring …

Maybe you should complain to ATI. They are the ones who have apparently chosen to support (sparse as it is) OpenGL in the manner that they do. Don’t blame NVIDIA for providing kick-ass developer support.

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No, NVIDIA haven’t bought this board. If a large proportion of the people here use NV hardware, it’s probably because they produce some of the best chipsets and OpenGL drivers in the consumer market. (3Dlabs being the main competition, quality-wise.) Radeon may be a great chipset, but I don’t know what their GL drivers are like. I tried ATI’s ICD for the Rage LT Pro and it was buggy to the point of being unusable for dev work. So what do you expect?

If NV people are making the effort to support the hobbyist community, kudos to them. You can’t expect them to stop just because they’re making the competition look bad.

I first bought a Radeon. I could not get it
to work in my machine. I returned it, and
bought a GTS2. It worked fine. Couple that
with the fact that nVidia gives a sh!t and
has a real clue, and that’s probably why
there’s more conversation about nVidia stuff
here. Talking about ATI cards is like talking
to a wall.

But let’s try this:

I posted, about a month ago, a long
description of my Radeon all-in-wonder woes.
Could anyone from ATI here please comment on
why it was that bad and what’s going on with
the Radeon drivers to fix it? I’m looking to
upgrade a second computer by Christmas.

I must admit ATI are not the best in driver quality.
But actually my RadeON works perfectly in both Win2K and WinME. The actual drivers are fine, and the card even outperforms a GeForce on a faster processor than mine.
I agree ATI should be more active in dev support. Anyway their dev kit is not so bad.

Talking about support :
I wrote to the NVidia tech support about some issues on my TNT2, and never got an answer (still waiting…)
I wrote to ATI tech support for a question about AGP texturing and got the answer the same day.

By the way, i think both GeForce and RadeOn are great cards

I find this thread amusing. I think I’ll stay out and just observe.

  • Matt

Hey, keep cool, i don’t want to fight !
We make software that cannot be card specific, and that’s why i was wondering if there was support from other manufacturers on this list

Hey, it really depends on how you look at things. I believe that the fact that NVIDIA is an active discussion here is a testament to the concern and responsiveness of NVIDIA Corp. They actually have developers that peruse this BBS and respond. That is really pretty unique in the arena of hardware developers. Kudos to NVIDIA and special thanks to Matt Craighead for being so helpful. I will stick to my GeForce thank you…

NVIDIA = Awesome

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