Is there opengl for the intel indeo video card?

Hey, is there gl for the intel indeo card that supports a 810 chipset. Don’t tell me to go to because I can’t find anything.


late reply but I’ve been chasing the same thing and been equally lost on the intel site. Did however get a reply back from intel via email as follows:

With regards to your original question about opengl32.dll:
The OpenGL* driver for the Intel® 810 chipset family is named “I81XGICD.DLL”. This driver is installed automatically when you install the graphics drivers by one of the standard methods. What happens when you use an OpenGL application is that the Microsoft* opengl32.dll (which comes with Windows*) will pass the calls to the Intel® graphics driver, which will render the 3D objects in hardware.

Some older OpenGL drivers, such as those made by 3dfx for the original Voodoo* Graphics cards, implemented a “Mini-GL” driver that would bypass the standard Microsoft open32.dll file and use its own instead. This is probably the type of driver that you are expecting. This method has a number of drawbacks, so we use the Microsoft opengl32.dll file to pass the 3D calls to our driver.

Let me know if you have any further questions and I will be happy to help.

me again: this is not a simple rename to opengl32.dll like a 3dfx card. I saw another post about checking some pfd flags to verify but basically I can’t get an 810 (82810E) box to do much yet.