Is there any good exercises available on-line?


I am fairly new to OpenGL (but not to graphics in general) and I am reading through the programmer’s guide as I write this. However, I would like to supplement this with some pratical experience.

Does any of you know whether there is any good OpenGL exercises available on the net that I can use to supplement my training? If so, where?

Hey, you’re not at school here ! The best exercise is to do what you’d like to do…

check out the NeHe site.

I know NeHe’s site already. It contains some fine tutorials to various topics, however it does not have any execises.

I am learning OpenGL for a later project and have nothing in particular to train with. So it is actually a kind of school for me at the moment.

I am looking for some tasks that provide some challenge while giving me some hands on experience with OpenGL.

I suspect that such exercises do not excist. I will have to come up with something myself then (I might even publish the exercises on the web afterwards).

you coukd try searching for opengl homework on google or some other search you will find a lot on school opengl classes web sight some have good execises to try. However it would probly be more fun to just try to make a demo or somthing n your own