Is there any Coordinate system which have a inverted X axis?


Im writing my own OpenGL examples and im at a simple point of making a Cube an projecting it in 3D system.
I copied an example of a cube into my programm, but it looks very wierd.

Then i made quads step by step, so that i can configure this cube by myself and i determine, that the X axis is the complete opposit way that it has to be.
Like this:

           |   / -z
           |  /

+x ---------------->-x
/ |
/ |
+z -y

Thanks for your answers and also questions to figure out my problem.



You can do almost whatever you want with coordinate systems. I can remember the old 3D Studio which has +x pointing to the right, +z pointing to the up and +y pointing out of the screen.
However all these esoteric coordinate systems will lead you to having unneeded conversions and geometrical calculation complexities.