Is there a version of OpenGL that works on MacOS 8.0?

I need to know if it is possible for me to install OpenGL without re-installing my OS. I’m running Mac OS 8.0 on a horizontal (pre-iMac) PowerMac G3. I believe that the computer came with an ATi Rage card. Is this enough for OpenGL to work?

MacOS 8.0? No, I don’t think it will run, but if you install the free 8.1 upgrade, on the other hand…

Well, managed to upgrade to system 8.1, but my G3 is not one of the “blue-and-white” ones. It’s actually a HORIZONTAL model (it came with a built-in zip drive). I’m not sure, but I think it has an ATi RAGE 128 card pre-installed. But, a while back, we had a memory upgrade to boost the RAM from 32 MB (total w/o VM) to 160 MB. I’m worried that that upgrade may have required removal of the ATi card. If I downloaded a version of OpenGL compatible with 8.1, would I be able to run MacTrueReality (a Nintendo 64 emulator) safely?

Stuck in 1998

It is possible to install OpenGL on a beige g3 but don’t expect a) decent performance or b) full opengl features.

Those macs came with rage pro cards (not 128) which basically sucked.

True Reality has absolutely no compatibility and speed on even a fast mac. Striving for this emulator is not worth it.

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