Is there a standard test for ATI & NVIDIA for openGL?

I was wondering, is there any test application that both ATI & Nvidia use to test out their drivers?

The reason I ask, is because it sure doesn’t seem like it. I was using a Rage 128, and something was broken in the drivers, and I thought it was my code, but it wasn’t.

I was also looking as some newsgroups, and Nvidia also have these issues. If I remember correctly, there was a test that SGI had, but does that apply anymore?

I noticed a few Nvidia & Ati guys lurking around, so maybe they can answer this best?

Hi Elixer !

I don’t know if nVidia or ATI use the conformance tests (that is what you call the “SGI Test”, I think) each time they release a new driver but, as far as I can tell, most problems that are found in new drivers are due to new extensions, not core OpenGL.
It basically means that conformance tests would not show any problem…

Perhaps some people from these companies will give you better answer…



Well, it would be breach of contract for us to ship an OpenGL driver that did not pass the SGI conformance tests, and furthermore WHQL uses conform for OpenGL testing.

The problem is that conform is a very bad test.

Obviously, conform is not the only test we use…

  • Matt