Is there a quick way to get rid of the window border & top edge

im just trying to make a window where there are no traces of windows. ie just have a rect where there is a window.

Plug this into MSDN:

thanx, ive already looked at the nehe code, i will reinvestigate, im looking for alternetives. i do have to admit though, good code comes from understanding what ur doing.

im looking at wglMakeCurrent for the current render thread, is this an effective means to changing threads which can render to gl? i will only be using one thread to render, i just need to use the main thread to setup up my gl interface.

well i finally took a tour down through the different window styles windows has to offer, through the createWindow function. i just used popup and it worked like a charm. i didnt even have to resize, the only problem i have left is to find out how to get rid of the small pixel length frame which envelopes it.

The function wglmakecurrent has nothing to do with which thread is doing the rendering it has to do with which RC is currently being rendered to.

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