Is there a problem with the Matrox G450?

I have a Matrox G450 at work and when I run my openGL apps on it, some of my textures come out looking blue. In one instance, I have it set up to texture a sphere with different kinds of texture filtering. It looks fine until I set it to mip-mapped and then it turns blue. Plus, I’ve noticed that textures, when viewed upclose, tend to jitter. I do not get any of these behaiviors from my Voodoo3 and TNT2.

I have used Matrox drivers a bit and have come to the conclusion that they suck. I can make a program that works fine on GF but the same executable is totally screwed on a Matrox system <insert bad programmer joke here>. I don’t think they ever made a whole hearted effort on their OpenGL drivers, they just concentrated on D3D.


I would encourage you to give these drivers a try:…a=Matrox%20G450

My 2 cents…


It looks like if you want to do anything openGL related, the best cards are from Nvidia (TNT2 and up) and ATI (Rage 128 and up). S3 (savage 4/2k), and Matrox, and Kyro don’t have very stable openGL drivers at all.

That is not saying that the other cards can’t handle openGL, it is just that when I tried those cards, I had lots of driver crashes, or just plain wrong output compared to the other cards.

Okay, thanks everyone! I have downloaded the latest drivers and it fixed the blueish problem but not the jitter problem in some instances. Ohwell, guess I need to make sure and use better hardware. That’s the problem. There is alot of hardware out there being purchased by people who don’t know what they’re doing (my boss bought the G450) and then we developers have to worry about what kind of crap they might be running in their system. But, IMHO, 3dfx is the absolute WORST!!! It constantly amazes me how few things work properly on Voodoo based boards. And they say they have an OpenGL ICD… WHATEVER!