Is that why I´m getting back faces ?

Hi guys,

I´m making an aplication that tooks a cloud of points, that have a fixed value in the X coordinate (so it is planar sections) and I want to render this, the first way that I´m trying to implement is to make like this :

| |
|\ |
| \ |


Slice 1 Slice 2

The first triangle is created with 2 points of the slice 1 and one of the slice 2, so I have the vertice A from the slice 1, the vertice B from slice 1 also, the vertice C is from the slice 2, the next triangle (and here I think that is my problem) will be created using the vertice C (slice 2) as A, the next point in slice 2 as vertice B (from slice 2 also), and the vertice B of the first triangle as vertice C, in this way I´m creating one triangle in CW, and another one in CCW, is this why I´m getting back faces ?

If someone wants I can send an ASCII STL file generated with my application.

Hope everybody understood my explanation.
Thank you for the moment
Best regards

Honestly speaking, I am not very clear what you’d got to do ?But it’s ok you send your code to my email. I would try to figure out what your want. My email address is in my Obviously this is my company email. So i would attend your issue next monday if you do send my email.