is superbible a good book ?

hmm…i want to know, is superbible is a good book ?
Well, i used to be made some openGL using MFC, u know using the MDI (vis c++ ver6)
and stuff like that.
If i using superbible, it’s suitable for me or not ?
what do u think ?

You can check it out yourself:

Hmm…The superbible is a very good book for nearly every aspect of OpenGl…But it is for OpenGl ONLY therfore it doesn´t cover things like OpenGl+MFC…


If they didn’t update it, the book doesn’t cover all the “advanced” gl-stuff like vertex-arrays, texture binding etc.
So I’d say it’s good for starters, but if you want to dig deeper, better check out this forum!

they didn’t update it, so it uses the aux library! I recommend you buy it if you have the money, and are serious about learning opengl. I own it, and I also have the red book downloadable edition (i think it’s an edition behind). And what i found was the superbible tells you how to find out stuff like what’s the max line width, stepsize etc. And tells you the details of the MS implementation a bit. Something the red book lacks! They also tell you how to make your bitmap fonts from .ttf files in windows and other stuff…

It’s a pretty good book. It was the first openGL book I got. Since then I got the Red Book. I like the read book more since I can find what I’m looking for faster in the Red Book due to it’s orginizational style, but that is just me. They’re both pretty good.

Dunno what edition you´re talking about but in my Suberbible Rev 2 all those advanced OpenGl-stuff(vertex-arrays, texture binding,…)is discussed.


I was talking about the online edition… yes, the 2 ed. does cover all that stuff

I have just bought the book and think it’s really good(so far), I have only read the first six chapters. It does only teach opengl with glut, not windows programming(the last three chapters teaches some win).
It probably lacks some of the more advanced techniques but for a newbie, like me, it is really good.

I also have the online edition of the redbook but it is Rev2 and covers stuff like vertex arrays.I printed it.Just thought you might want to know.I just started doing opengl and think that this is a great book for newbies.

I have recently started recommending OpenGL Game Programming over the Superbible and Red Book for beginners. It’s just very easy to understand and dive into.

Originally posted by Newb:
I also have the online edition of the redbook but it is Rev2 and covers stuff like vertex arrays.

Is Rev2 of Red book available for free on the net??? If it is … where can I download it?