Is Shadow Mapping possible in OpenGL ES 1.0 ?

Hi. This is my first post here. English is not my native language but I’ll try my best.

I’m creating a simple 3D game using OpenGL ES 1.0 on Android platform.

I’ve tried casting shadow following this tutorial (which uses Stencil Buffer method): … ?lesson=27

The result is a cool shadow effect. But it depends too much on geometry and thus not very flexible.

Then I found a much easier way to cast a shadow. It’s called “Shadow Mapping”. I followed the tutorial here:

But it uses ARB_depth_texture and ARB_shadow extension. So I bet it can’t be used with Android’s OpenGL ES 1.0.
I’ve tried googling for “Shadow Mapping” and “OpenGL ES” but still can’t find a usable info.

Can anyone recommend me a good place/site I can study for this please?
Thank you in advance. =)

Did you ever figure this out? I’m assuming that the GLES2.0 devices (Droid, N1) will be able to do it but I was hoping there would be a way using the fixed function pipeline of ES 1.0.

There’s no public ARB_depth_texture or ARB_shadow extension equivalent for GLES1. Vendors may have proprietary extensions, which they haven’t made public.

There is the public GL_OES_depth_texture extension for GLES2. An ARB_shadow extension equivalently isn’t necessary for GLES2, since the R test can be done with shaders.