Is OpenGLCompilerJuly072004 usable?

…has anyone compiled for OSX the opengl compiler that’s linked to on the front page of

…since 10.3.4, there have been a host of exported symbols needed for glsl (GL_ARB_shader_object, GL_ARB_vertex_shader, GL_ARB_fragment_shader), but the crucial “GL_ARB_shading_language_100” remains missing…

…I’m wondering if the compiler would allow a similar mode of working with glsl as we have with the Cg compiler: meaning, compile glsl code into ARBv1.0 or whatever, then use that in a program?

Either I’m blind or it’s no longer linked… but if it can compile to ARBvp and ARBfp, it should theoretically work. I say theoretically because my experience with those two extensions is less than stellar…

It’s still there, just hidden as “3DLabs OGSL compiler source”…but the link takes you to a page that then has “OpenGLCompilerJuly072004” on it among other things: I assume that’s the stuff, so will proceed with utmost caution :slight_smile:

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