Is OpenGL dead?

Hi, i was wondering why almost every new/upcoming Game uses this crappy DirectX Api.
Does anyone know a Reason why Game Developers
switch over to that completly proprietary M$-

Greets, Quaker

they own alot of the games coming out and actualy iv still seen open gl …like COD

OpenGL has its roots in scientific visualisation, while Direct3D was much more targetted at games from inception. Add to this the fact that Microsoft shops tend to only use Microsoft libraries, and it’s easy to see why Direct3D seems to get used more.

However, I expect there are a huge number of games that use OpenGL that you’re not aware of, it’s an area where hardware vendors can innovate without waiting for a new major release, ATI and nVidia are putting a lot of resources into it, the presence of Linux and MacOSX (slightly) limits the benefits of a Microsoft-only solution, and cross-platform languages like Java and Python will always find OpenGL a lot more useful than Direct3D - what’s the point of writing cross-platform code if your libraries then restrict you?

OpenGL has a rosy future - you can depend on that.

Adding to the predominance of DirectX is
Microsoft’s habit of writing a driver for a
video card, and NOT putting openGL hardware
acceleration into that driver.

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