Is OpenGL Compalibility

I have a 3D Prophet 4000XT PCI graphics card and I got the latest Drivers and Downloads, but whenever I run OpenGL the game either locks up or It Lags intensely. Please help

What game(s) are you talking about? If you have very high video settings and you card handle it, then expect the FPS to take a dive.

  • Halcyon

The games I use are the Half-life Series and Starsiege, they work fine with out OpenGL but i would like to use it, cause in some Half-Life mods with out OpenGL some features in game like a scope on a gun wont work.

I have no idea. But i know there are a lot of people that have issues with their games and OpenGL on the users forum. You might have better luck there.

  • Halcyon

Sorry i wasn’t of more help