Is my OpenGL version updated?

Hi, good evening. Like the tittle says, I would like to know if my version of OpenGL is updated since I beiieve that the one I have is obsolote.

My current version of OpenGL is 1.4.

I have a SONY VAIO notebook model number VPCW120AL. Here’s the support page in case anybody is interested: Asistencia a los productos Sony | Sony América Latina

Sorry that some of the stuff is in spanish but I couldn’t find it pure english.

I have checked my videocards driver and it matches the one from the support page.

Did I do something wrong or are Intels drivers really that bad? Should I download the driver again just in case? Do I uninstall my current driver beforehand?

Thanks in advance to whoever wants to help.

Which OpenGL version is available to you depends on:

  • The version your driver supports.
  • The version your hardware supports.

In other words, updating your driver on it’s own isn’t enough; if your hardware also doesn’t support a higher version, then you don’t get the higher version.

Your laptop has a Mobile Intel® 945 Express Chipset Family which is an old part, is no longer supported, the latest available driver dates to 2009, and it is limited to OpenGL 1.4 with certain extensions.

This isn’t a case of Intel drivers being bad - modern Intel drivers support almost full OpenGL 4.x functionality - but rather your hardware being extremely old.

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