is it the focus? doesn't repaint

Sorry for my English…
I don’t know if my question is a C++ question or a OpenGL one, but here is it:
From a dialog, I create (using WinAPI) a normal Window where I display all my objects (using OpenGL). When I change some visualization options in my dialog, I would like that my Window showes the changes that I have done inmediatly, but it shows those changes only when I click on the window (when it gets the focus, I guess). There is no Paint routine that draws the objects everytime. I call a Paint routine when it is necessary (for example, when I make changes from my dialog). If it is painting in my window (I know because debugging it goes inside my Paint function )at the time that I am doing changes, why the window doesn’t show those changes unless it receives the focus??
Could it be related with the process that created the window?

You better use OnDraw() to paint your window.
After you make changes in your dialog, just
Invalidate… and Update… the window.
I hope this works :slight_smile: