Is it possible...

… to render an OpenGL scene on a web site?

I’ve seen that done with ActiveX controls. However, it will only work with MS Windows machines…

If you don’t mind using ActiveX,then it is (did this some time ago).But ActiveX has too many drawbacks : it’s not very safe (so many people deactivate it) and it’s only a MS-thinggy that means it only will work with the IE.

what about opengl + java? The next java version should include ogl api.
i’m thinking to an applet but, of course, every user should have a JVM installed…

I guess the optimal solution is that opengl has to be inserted in html standard

Or perhaps somehow stream (or simply upload, depending on what you want to do) the OpenGL animation from a server-side machine to a remote host.

An example:
You want to provide some information (weather, network status, user location, etc.) to your visitors in some groundbreaking, “real-time” 3D graphic. This graphic could be anything; a single JPEG image, a loop of JPEG images using Javascript, Flash, Java, etc. etc.

Set up a static machine that will handle rendering (via an OpenGL application). Allow the web server to contact this machine (using PHP/Java perhaps) with instructions on what it wants (the 3D rendering). The static machine renders the graphic (or animation) and sends it to the web server which displays it.

There must be dozens of different ways you could set this up (real-time streaming would be impressive), but this is just an idea.