Is it possible to make use of the vsync wait time?

With vsync disabled, my very simple scene renders in 1 millisecond so the frame rate is 1000 fps. Of course I don’t want to waste CPU cycles processing more frames than the monitor’s refresh rate so I throttle the frame rate to 100 fps and free up 9 milliseconds per frame for the CPU. Unfortunately the tearing is unsightly.

With vsync enabled, the same scene renders in approx. 13 milliseconds ( monitor refresh is 75HZ ). No tearing but I lose 12 milliseconds.

Any solutions?

Originally posted by eXor:
No tearing but I lose 12 milliseconds.

What do you mean by “losing” 12 milliseconds? If you do more CPU calculations per frame, you get them for “free” (until you hit 12 ms worth of computations). I’m not sure, but you may also be able to use the CPU time by running a second thread in parallell (if everything works as expected, the second thread would get those 12 ms).

What do you want to do with your “bonus” 12 ms?