Is it possible to make these subliminal messages in OpenGL?

I have reasons to believe I’m being subjected to subliminal messages. I think I’m being shown 3 types of subliminal messages. These are:

  1. Messages shown for very short duration
  2. Messages whose color is slightly varied to blend with the background
  3. Messages whose opacity is varied to blend with the background

I suspect I’m being shown such messages all the time I’m using the computer, whether I’m browsing Internet, watching a movie or playing a game. I also suspect the audio I listen to on the computer has subliminals too.

My programming knowledge doesn’t go beyond the basics of C, C++, Java and Python. So I’m doubtful if something like this can be done in OpenGL and Direct X? And if it would be computationally intensive? I use both Linux and Windows.

Can it be possible to create a software, which can analyze each frame which is being displayed on my screen and actively vary the message color to blend with what is being displayed? Like for example, most of you here might know most computers and monitors display colors using RGB, different colors can be produced by varying the values of each color in RGB, like, R can be set 157, G can be set 240 and B can be set 255.

Now lets say I’m using the computer, and I’m browsing, for some reason I go to a website which shows red color on the entire webpage, there is no text or images, no audio, so the RGB value of this would be R = 255, G = 0 and B = 0. This software which I suspect is showing me subliminals, might vary the color of the subliminal message to blend with the background, like it’ll display the subliminal message with these RGB values R = 245, G = 0 and B = 0. Because I’m a human, to me, consciously most shades of red seem similar but as my eyes and brain are different, even slight difference in R value might be registered and understood by the subconscious, so this subliminal message with RGB(245, 0, 0) displayed over a webpage with just red with RGB(255, 0, 0) might seem the same shade throughout to me consciously but my subconscious mind being able to distinguish between many shades might register the message.

The example I gave is very simple, but someone or something might create a malware or software which might show such messages before regular internet activity, like when I’m browsing the net, etc. Is there a way to access the final state of a frame(what is displayed on my screen) before it is sent to the monitor?

Can something like this be done in OpenGL? I use Linux most of the time.

I would also like to know more about the LCD/LED illusions, like I read somewhere, that LCD/LED monitors don’t actually show yellow but tricks the brain into seeing yellow by rapidly alternating between red and green. I would like to know more about such illusions, I think something like that and what I mentioned before that are being used to make me see subliminals. Any links or books to where I can learn more about the LCD/LED illusions would be nice.

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These forums are for discussing specific technical issues and questions involving the use of Khronos APIs. Besides just mentioning OpenGL, your questions don’t fall into this category. It sounds like you need to look for some books and/or discussion forums on human perception.

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