Is it possible to implement OpenGL ES for my target board?

Hi, everyone~

I’d like to use OpenGL ES on my target board.
but, I can’t find any package to fit my target platform.

CPU : ARM926EJS (Maximum cpu clock : 200MHz)
OS : Nucleus OS

I think I should implement OpenGL ES, but can’t find package to refer.
Please let me know where can I get a package to start and guide.

It probably depends how much work you plan to put into this.

In principle, the Vincent 1.X libraries should be portable to that environment, but you’d need to work yourself on migrating the platform layers (e.g. integration with framebuffer system and cache control for JIT).

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I use CodeWarrior for developing.
Vincent project oriented to PocketPC and symbian OS.
I need a guide document as follow.

  1. Where I have to adjust or modifiy code.
    They (framebuffer system and cache control for JIT) are only code to modify??
  2. What source file should I include to my project area.
  3. Are there any porting guide document??

Thank you for your response…

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