Is it possible in opengl........?

Hi To all
I have a little bir confusion. I am going to develop a game like “need for speed III”. I am just going to build its one track and most common facilties provided in racing games like collision detection, opponent cars reducing of speed, different surface friction. And we are also interested to
develop in such a way that we can play in networking environment.
Currently I am doing vb+opengl. I have previously done vc+opengl. What u
suggest whether this is possible in vb+opengl if not then what is the
right option. We have also put VB+directx under consideration. Kindly pls inform
me as early as possible which one is suitable for us. We are doing this as our degree project. I will wait for ur response.
And second thing do I need threads for controlling computer cars or for controlling user car. I have done threads in Java but I do not know anything how to do in vc++ and whether they are avilable or not. If someone have a piece of code relating games in which threads are used pls mail me or a project in which oject can move simultaneouly in x-axis and z-axis. As we do in racing games that speed increases as we hold the key and it also take turn by pressing other key at the same time.Pls some one help me how I do that.

I would recommend C++ + OpenGL. C++ because most of examples/tuts/engines in the net are written in C++ so you have a lot of source to learn from, and OpenGl mostly because it’s platform independent
Also I would hardly not recommend using threads for your game, this isn’t really necessary and will only make your code more complex and probably slow things down. Just calculate new cars’ states based on previous frame time, that’s what you should go for.
Hope it helps.