Is it better to use 3D objects...?

Pls tell me is it better to import 3D object instead of drawing object in opengl.
We want a car in our game whether we use the 3D object or not. And whose performance is best.
Is it load the 3d object as whole or we can change it in opengl.E.g. If I want to rotate wheels of a car
which is drawn in 3D studio MAx. Whether is it possible or not.

Hmmmm no offense but you may want to read the so called “red book” first to understand how OpenGL works.

Here is an online version:


You may want to ask further questions in the “beginner section” of this site and not in the “advanced section”.

Sounds like you need a scene graph not OpenGL.

Look at Open Scene Graph, it probably meets your needs:

It uses OpenGL, but the idea is you load 3D models made in modelling packages, then move them around in front of virtual cameras. You can also make your own dynamic geometry in software and change geometry you’ve loaded. It’s just what you’re looking for. You still have a learning curve to tackle though.

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