Is glut.h good to learn....?

I’m Damm confused what to do? I’m a college student and my aim is to get placed in Nvidia or something related to that which will be focus on developing 3d modeling softwares. And I want to skill up myself with modern industry tools in 3D modeling software and related stuffs, for that what should I learn.
Right now I’m learning Opengl using with glut.h, is that good if not please suggest me what to do.

GLUT is just a shim to get up-and-running with OpenGL fast. To the extent it’s useful for that, use it. Same thing for other OpenGL-related utility libraries (GLEW, GLFW, etc.).

Your end goal probably isn’t to learn GLUT. It’s trivial to use. I’d guess that it’s more likely OpenGL that you’re aiming to learn.

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Yaa… I’m trying to learn Opengl :smirk:. Thank you :blush:

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