Is anyone aware of an html/css/svg library that works with Vulkan?

I’ve done some searching for this but haven’t found anything yet.
Don’t have time or resources to do it myself at the moment.

I highly doubt that people are writing browser layout engines or SVG rasterizers that render through Vulkan. Or at least, not outside of an actual web browser. Chrome-for-Android might have a Vulkan-based renderer, but odds are good that they just use the Android rendering APIs directly.

What exactly are you trying to make where you would need that level of complexity that runs on Vulkan?

My career has been mostly based on ‘off label’ applications of technology. Mostly in CAD/CAE/Design apps. This industry is constantly fighting with how to deploy on multiple platforms with common code. PTC’s ProEngineer used it’s own windowing API and didn’t use Motif, Windows, QT etc. I’m assuming they did it on top of some lower layer like OGL, but they may have written their own for that also.

There are efforts underway for the svg side. And yes, it would be an HTML parser/renderer using Vulkan.

One of the claims of Vulkan is 2D support. That means all of these areas are open for discussion and development.

Obviously, this would not be part of Vulkan itself. But I was under the impression this venue also discussed applications of Vulkan.

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