Is 3dStudioMax supported with opengl??

Hello, I was wondering if I would be able to export 3d StudioMax models into opengl. If so how would I go about it??

ouch quite a newbie question, opengl does not support ANY external formats. You have to make your own importer (for a pre-made format) or exporter&importer (for scripting your own format)

I use blender&python to model, so i dont realy know what formats 3dsmax supports…

BTW: I made a nice blender exporter in python in just 2 hours. Python is blender’s internal scripting engine (for procedural animation, reading\writing objects, physics and special effects). I think 3dmax has some equivilent. Good luck.

opengl is not like
you have to do it on your own.
and again: you can’t simply load .max it’s not comparable with other formats. it’s very special and very specialized to MAX. try 3ds, it’s very straightforward. or .ASE, it’s easier as it’s plain text.