invoke key press function continuously

i made a basic opengl code (using glut in linux)and i accept user
input gluKeyBoardFunc(). it works gr8. but i want to keep accepting the input as long as the key is doesn’t happen that way right now. cause i am increasing the speed of a vehicle. so if i keep that key pressed i want calls to be invoked to the function as long as the key is pressed. how to do it? thanks.

If you want to create agme-like application then get rid of GLUT. It was meant mainly for people who want to learn OpenGL, not game programming.
I’ve never used GLUT nor any other library for opengl and window management anyway.

Check GLFW or SDL and see if any of these fit you better. Can’t help you with the choice since I’m using my own framework anyway.

I really recommend GLFW.