invalid texture problem

i have a problem where textures inexplicably become invalid.
i can load the textures and draw them correctly for days, but sometimes after just minutes some textures (tiles of an image i’m displaying) become invalid and display junk.

it seems to occur when i have many windows open each displaying imagery, so i think it may have to do with the amount of texture memory i am using. i don’t think that should be a problem though since the textures should just move to main memory once the card’s memory is full creating a slowdown. is that correct?

i put a glIstexture(tex_id) call before i draw each texture, and it will return true when everything is running correctly until this problem occurs at which point it returns false (there’s no GL_ERROR) and i draw an invalid texture. why might my texture be removed? i am not calling glDeleteTexture in this sequence.

Seeems like a strange problem. What video card and drivers are you using?

Also, have you tried it with other video cards?

Is it possible to link to a small app that demostrates this problem?

it is a strange problem. i am using a wildcat III 6110 with the driver, but have seen it on various NVIDIA cards as well.