Invalid swizzle for scalar op

I am trying to move my shader code from OSX 10.2 to 10.3 and I am getting new shader compiler errors. The error might be platform specific but then again I might have been doing something boneheaded which the old compiler did not catch.

The exact error I am getting is:
“invalid swizzle for scalar op (hint: ‘specular’)”

The code being referred in the error to is:

TEMP specular, lightVec1, normal, …;

high power specular

MOV specular, lightVec1;
DP3 specular, normal, specular;
POW specular, specular, 1000; # ERROR HERE

the same error also applies to:

POW specular, specular, 1000.0;

There is some problem with the POW instruction and it seems to be related to the operands. I tried replacing the inline constant with a constant variable but got the same error. What’s wierd is that the compiler is complaining about a scalar op but there is no scalar type declaration, only floating point temporary variables TEMP (to my knowledge).

Commenting out the line with the POW instruction eliminates the error. I get similar errors for the RSQ and RCP instructions.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The POW function takes scalar operands not vector operands. You probably need to do something like this:

POW scalar.x, scalar.x;

You are right. It appears a ‘scalar’ operation only applies to a single component of a vector. Thus,

POW specular.x, specular.x, 1000.0;

works like a charm. Thanks for the help.


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