introducing myself

hi everyone,

im quite new to webgl, but all i have to say about -> this piece is such a rocking thing!!! :smiley:

thanks guys for developing that!

here is one solo projekt im working on. it should became one day a old school manic shooter, but with a huge touch of the present and future techniques and ideas.

most of things are dummy object and will be replaced soon. (depends on my time and my motivation :wink: ) so dont mind everything, its just a rough first step into developing stage of this game.

here is a shader which ive wrote. i love to have an fully generic landscape below. of course only if the quality allows it. … _wip09.php

this shader will be used in two games. on one hand on my solo projekt circle of death (im not sure about name yet) and on the other hand in a game which friends of mine and me is going to develop. i cant and i dont want to speak about the second projekt. it should be a secrete till we going to present our first demo.

regular im a graphics artist but which a drive to programm things. im calling my self a hobby programmer. :wink:

so long,

after i got, its senseless to develop on the way i did before, i start with the LSD webgl engine. its in a very early stage.

on my blog you are able to follow the process:


it is very cool!,I`am the new wengl too.but your know,it is spend a lot of time to render,before it is finished,your should give us the Prompt :smiley:

thx, to whatever you tried to say.

:shock: i currently recognize. the island demo wasnt working anymore. thats related to a module i changed in further experiments.

that one is working :wink: