interleaved arrays on ATI Rage Pro

Anyone else tried using interleaved array format GL_T2F_N3F_V3F (and as it seems to me all the other “V3F” formats) on a Rage Pro card?

I tried this with various versions of the ICD drivers, but with every there is a very noticeable that can be observed, namely that the polygons that do not lie completely within the viewing frustum are not clipped as they are supposed to, but they dissapear as a whole. Even more worse it is in combination with the GL_EXT_compiled_vertex_array extension.

When using other formats (to my experience the “V4F” formats), everything works just fine, but well the performance is not that high as with the V3F formats.

Anyone sharing similar observings?


My 4MB ATI Rage Pro video card (sometimes) incorrectly clips polygons that are partly in and partly out of the viewing frustum.

It is irregular -rendering the scene again may produce a different (correct or incorrect) clipping result.

I suspect that the ATI card is to blame because my program renders well using an Elsa Gloria II.

On my card I noticed it only when using interleaved arrays of that certain group of formats. Yes, surely the drivers or the card is to blame, there are also a few other not very nice bugs, e.g. when trying to use fog,
the new vertices introduced by clipping all obtain the viewport clear color (if I’m not mistaken), I’ve tried this with more driver versions. And surely this two are not the only bugs with the Rage Pro drivers/card.