Interleaved array question.

Is there a way to use interleaved arrays with multitexture?? Also, the red book
doesn’t specify an enum like GL_C4UB_N3F_V3F. Which is the best format
for a vertex-lit environment mapped an object.

thanks for any advise.



Why ?
Taken from EXT_secondary_color spec:
Interleaved array formats?
No. The multiplicative explosion of formats is too great.

Specify the first array as usual, and assign it to the first texture unit. Activate the second texture unit, and assign it a “dummy array” (interleaved of course, with the same format as the first one), containing only texture coordinates for the second texture unit. The second unit will only extract the texture coordinates from the “dummy array”.

Note that I have not tried it, but I have seen people on other forums doing this.