Interesting situation, need input!

I have a rather interestion situation and I need some input and fresh idea’s. I need to create a series of twenty second sequinces of a soccar game and display them stereoscopicly. The people who started this progect created the stadium/field in OpenGL and did all the stereo camera stuff and it is now my job to add players and animate them. The problem I am having is that I’m not sure how to go about this. Some solutions I thought of: Create the players in 3D Studio and animate them then inport this into OpenGL, create each frame of player animation and import those into OpenGL at a rate of 30fps, scrap all the OpenGL stuff and redo everything in OpenGL since I’ve heard that there is a stereo plug-in for it, if that doesn’t work I could always do everything in 3DS and import the whole thing into OpenGL to use the current stereo camera code. Any idea’s?

Can anyone here help me?

Why don’t you use Milkshape and .MD3 models? You can use different animations for legs and torso (fits almost perfectly for soccer), easily import data from 3DS MAX and don’t have to worry about animation speeds. Also there is a lot of code for this fileformat on the web, so you can focus on the art and animation, not writing routines.