Interested in Computer Programming

I’m 16 and a sophomore in high school. I am interseted in computer programming and such. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for courses that I sohuld take. I already am enrolled in Webmastering and plan on taking business computer programming 1-3(witch teaches java) IS there anything else I should take?


This is an opengl forum. Please limit your questions to issue directly connected with opengl. Thank you.

On the off chance that you posted here because you are curious about OpenGL/computer graphics, I would suggest learning C/C++. That is my opinion, there are definitely other languages that you could use.

it really depends on what kind of buisness you are planning on getting into, you can used opengl in many different applications for many different reasons, visual basic is easy to learn, but mostly used for database apps or simple interface programs to a high end library. C++ is generally the industry standard, definately the most supported so you can’t go wrong there. If you are interested in advanced 3d graphics program you should take as many maths as possible ( and try to really understand them).