Interactive 3D Models. Is Python_OpenGL suitable for my task?

Hello everyone,

I’m an EE student. One of my B.Sc. project tasks is to build a GUI that should look like this one:


Furthermore I need to actually build some interactive display which will be integrated into GUI (middle window).

It need to be scalabale, zoomable, and other “able” :slight_smile:

Especially I’m interested to build something similar to this one:

It is a preferable one.

The problem is, that I’m Python beginner.
As for the GUI itself, I’m considering to use PythonQt.(at least it’s been reviewed by others as most suitable for beginners)

But as for this interactive things…
I have no clue what tool to choose, really there are dozens of them (I delved a NET for about a week now).
As it seems for now the potential leaders for interactive part of project are: Python_OpenGL, VTK, GLUT … but still no sure.

So finally, my question is about: If Open_GL is suitable for such kind of interactive models? (especially like provided in youtube link) Or should I consider different tool for this?

Any help or “parting words” or advices will be highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance.