Intel OpenCL Library Throwing Exception

We have a small OpenCL library written a number of years ago which has been working well until recently. Now, with recent Intel GPUs (UHD Graphics 620 and 630), the Intel library (igdrcl32.dll) frequently throws an exception (0xc0000409) as soon as clSetKernelArg() is called after clReleaseMemObject() has been called and new mem objects have been created. Has anyone here seen such a problem or have any idea where to look? I wanted to post a question on the Intel OpenCL forum, but every time I try to access any Intel forum, their website takes me to a registration page where i have registered numerous times, so I do not expect to get any help from Intel.

Thank You


No experience with Intel OpenCL drivers. But in case it might give you some ideas…

  • igdrcl32.dll = Intel OpenCL User Mode driver

However, this useful read on this suggests other possible causes for that exception code:

If you haven’t already, you might run a mem checker on your app to try and catch any stack buffer overruns.