Intel IJL is SLOW...

Hi, I’ve been coding a small demo using Intel IJL to load the .jpg textures, but it takes about 50 seconds to load 2mb of textures, can anyone recomend another .jpg loader? Maybe some Static library, since having to load a DLL just to get the gfx data in a JPG is not something I can get to like. Thanx!

You can try the Independent JPEG Group’s library . That link point to a rather sparse page that says their library is used for jpeg compression. They also have a lib to decompress them.

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I just integrated IJL into my own code last week and I found the following sueprise …

Capturing and writing a JPEG at work (WIndows NT 4.0) takes 20 to 30 times as long as it does at home (Windows 98).

Hmmm… wonder waaazzzzuuupppp ??